Last month members of ChildFund’s team visited Timor-Leste to monitor the progress of our MFAT funded Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship project (YEEP).

This 3.5 year project focused on supporting over 600 youth from the districts of Covalima and Bobonaro with training towards employment or small business operation. 

As the project was coming to an end, we visited the area so we could gain an understanding of how well the project had performed, and if it had benefited the youth that had been involved.

Measuring impact

Our team spent just over 2 weeks collecting data in Dili, Suai and Maliana. During this time they managed to:

  • survey 423 of the 600+ young people involved in the project using a digital survey using tablets
  • hold one on one discussions with training partners, community leaders and ChildFund staff; and
  • delve deeper into the impact of the project on youth through 10 focus group discussions.

With this information, we're able to properly review the impact the project had on the community.

The project involved training young people in different skills like agriculture and tourism, so they'd be able to look for jobs in related industries. 

Of the youth we interviewed, 207 were in full or part-time work as a result of the project. Many were now able to support themselves and their families too. 

We also provided training to encourage young people to start their own businesses. The good news is 42 of the people interviewed had started their own businesses, including things like making tofu to sell at markets. 

Skills for life

As part of the project we also ran a life skills programme. During these sessions, lessons were taught to help prepare young people for the workplace and adulthood. Some of the lessons covered things like putting together a CV, gender equality and reproductive health. 

More youth are employed 

From the data we've gathered, we've learned that more youth are now employed in Timor-Leste than there were four years ago, as a result of the project. Now, more young people can start work, support themselves and their families.

Our youth employment project in Timor Leste

Our team visited Timor-Leste to measure the impact of a youth employment project.

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