13 June 2017

Zambia Drought: One Year On

Read how the generosity of Kiwis has led to the irrigation of farmland, making way for fresh new crops.

Back in 2016, Zambia was facing one of the worst droughts it had seen. Generous Kiwis provided not only emergency life-saving food aid, they also ensured that families had long-term solutions and could continue to grow food both now and in the future.

Late last year, we were overwhelmed by your support for families in Luangwa. You have ensured that brand-new irrigation turbines have been built and are ready to start bringing water to 355 hectares of farmland. This project will ensure families in Luangwa no longer have to worry about where their next meal will come from. 

Your donations will enable farmers to grow fresh, nutritious vegetables for their families and the wider community, and will provide security against future droughts. 

Not only will the turbines provide much-needed water to the farmland, they will be producing enough power to ensure the nearby school and health centre have clean water and electricity for the first time! 

This project will support a community of 1,800 people - that's more than 220 families! 

Thank you so much for showing you care. We will be back soon with more updates as they unfold.

Zambia Drought: One Year On

Read how, through the ongoing support of generous Kiwis, Luangwa, Zambia, is now thriving.

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