Lana Garland

ChildFund Ambassador

Lana Garland is an actress who has worked in theatre and television in New Zealand for over 15 years. Lana was well known as the Food In A Minute lady.

“I have always aimed to be a positive contributor to our world, I truly believe that if we all do the little we can to look after each other and stand up for what’s right, that genuine transformation can take place.  I am absolutely thrilled to be involved with ChildFund because this organisation fits so perfectly with my values.

“I love how ChildFund empowers the entire whanau and wider communities of the children they work with. I am so looking forward to my work as an ambassador, it’s not often you are given the opportunity to really change lives for the better, thanks to the ChildFund team and thanks to you, all the wonderful supporters, let’s do this!”

Lana participated in the Global Poverty Project’s Live Below The Line campaign raising funds for ChildFund, one of a ChildFund team of participants who helped raise $25,000 for children in need in Zambia.