Nandani Dayal

Finance Manager

Nandani has been with ChildFund since 2007, joining because she liked the idea that her work could contribute to the wellbeing of a child in need. She sponsors a precious little girl in Vietnam, who is the same age as her own daughter. 

As the Finance Manager it is my responsibility to make sure that all donations received from our generous donors are processed in a timely and accurate manner. This is important so that the communities receive the money on time and we fulfil our obligation of connecting caring New Zealanders with children in need through trusted, successful community partnerships.

I love working for ChildFund New Zealand because we play a vital role in helping children break free from poverty and dream for a better future. I also have the pleasure of working with a great team of people who are passionate, dedicated and fun to work with. ChildFund New Zealand is family to me.