Sally Angelson

Programme Manager

Sally Angelson (nee Hewlett) has worked in international development for over 15 years around the world, and originally joined ChildFund in 2007 to set up ATLAS - a programme to enhance the quality of education in Zambia, then Sri Lanka. Since then Sally’s role has expanded to manage programmes across all our partner countries, in all the sectors we support.

It’s my role to be the link between ChildFund New Zealand and our partner offices in Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Timor-Leste, Zambia and Kenya. I make sure that our support in those countries is determined by people within the communities and includes the voices of children. In collaboration with the whole ChildFund New Zealand team, we find the right resources to fit the right projects. The combined support from child sponsorship, fundraising campaigns and grants from the New Zealand government makes this possible. It’s my job to ensure that all these funds raised in New Zealand are put to the very best use, to make life better for the children and their families who are affected by poverty and inequality.

I love my job, and always find it such a privilege to be able to visit these communities, meet inspiring mothers, dedicated fathers and creative, resilient and strong children – and be able to share their lives with kiwis who are helping us to create a better future for them. As a recent mother myself, I know that protecting and nurturing children will build a stronger future for all of us.