Project Update - Change Creators Kenya

In recent months, your generosity has helped to establish vet clubs in schools, inspiring a new generation of farmers and teaching farming skills at an early age. 

To date:

  • Vet clubs have been established at two secondary and three primary schools, with 50 students and five school patrons involved
  • Activities include: setting up housing and feed structures for dairy cows and dairy goats, and establishing grazing units with hay storage
  • All vet club members and school patrons have had the chance to attend the Nairobi International Trade Fair.  After this event, students were motivated to introduce agriculture activities in their schools. In one secondary school, students who learned about drip irrigation are now raising funds to implement this system in their school garden, with the support of a ChildFund water engineer.

Pictured: farmers at Oldonyo Lenkai listening keenly to KARLO officers during hay making demonstrations.