Project Update - Change Creators Kiribati

Three years ago, ChildFund Kiribati was established to focus on youth and family well-being in the Micronesian atoll. The nation faces issues of high unemployment, overcrowding, and a growing scale of disenfranchised youth at a loss for what the future might hold, and their place in it. These problems are particularly challenging in Betio, Kiribati’s capital.

The Change Creators programme will address these issues through the introduction of a purpose-built Youth Learning Centre. Learning programmes delivered at this centre will include life-skills, English as a second language, and pathways to sustainable employment. 

I recently had the pleasure of working with Teima Onorio Jnr., Operations Manager at ChildFund Kiribati, who oversees this project. Teima was educated in New Zealand and has returned to Kiribati to help young people and parents thrive. 

The Change Creator plan to build a Youth Learning Centre is close to Teima’s heart. In her words, “It is the young people who are most disengaged from education and community that will benefit.”  With total funding of $100,000, this project will give a future to Betio’s youth and the generations who follow.  

Pictured: Jennifer and Teima, at our New Zealand office in Auckland