Join us in Vietnam!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet the people whose lives you've changed? 

In addition to your generous donations, we think it's one of the most meaningful things you can do. Life-changing for both you, and the people you meet.

We want ALL of our incredible supporters to see how they make a difference for themselves.  So on 29th September 2020 we'll be heading off to Vietnam, spending three days in Cao Bang, where ChildFund will be collaborating with the local community to introduce a clean water supply system in Lung Luong Village. We want you to JOIN US and see how your donation changes lives in Vietnam. 

ChildFund work in Vietnam focuses on the mountainous province of Cao Bang. The children and families who live in this province are among the most vulnerable and marginalised peoples in Vietnam.  All plans delivered by ChildFund are developed by the community, for the community.  Our goal is that by 2026, the community will be well on its way to solving problems independently. ChildFund will then ease up its support and move to other areas in which help is needed. 

Make your impact!

It won't surprise you to know that this trip comes with the opportunity to make a positive social impact. ChildFund has partnered with the superstars at Adventure World to prepare a travel package that includes your flights, accommodation and unique cultural experiences en route to Lung Luong Village in Cao Bang.  

This means that a portion of your travel package –alongside that of your co-travelers  – will fund the construction of a water supply system benefiting the entire village and changing lives. 

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How you'll be making a difference

Provide clean water for an entire community

A portion of your travel package will  be used to provide:

  • Materials to construct a water supply system 
  • Clean, safe drinking water for 181 children and 81 adults
  • Extra time for children to spend at play and study, instead of collecting water in buckets
  • Training and tools for the maintenance of the water supply system, after construction 

Make precious memories with your sponsored child

If you sponsor a child living in Cao Bang, this trip will also give you time to meet them and to learn more about life in their village.  If you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make it to Vietnam and see how your sponsorship makes a difference, this opportunity is just for YOU. Click here to read about the heartwarming experience of two ChildFund supporters who recently visited their sponsored children in Vietnam.

See, for yourself, how Kiwi donations make a difference in Cao Bang

Kiwi donations have been making a huge difference in Cao Bang, both through child sponsorship and through projects that have improved livelihoods, healthcare, and sanitation.  The water supply system that will deliver clean, safe drinking water to Lung Luong Village is a shining example of how Kiwis make a global difference through their generous donations. Click here to check out how New Zealanders are supporting positive change in Cao Bang, ahead of joining us in Vietnam! 

The people of Lung Luong Village have the positive attitude, capability and desire to build a water supply system that will protect their children's health.What they don't have are the funds to purchase building materials or to engage expertise, where it'll be critically needed. 

By joining our group visit to Vietnam, you won't just be supporting the construction of a clean water supply system. You'll also get to see the real-world impacts of your donation and get to meet the people whom ChildFund works with in Vietnam. 

Will you join us on 29th September 2020 on a life-changing journey to Vietnam?

Join us in Vietnam!

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