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Find your new community


See where we work, the communities we work with and find out how you can support them.

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How we manage your money


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Your Sponsorship Donations

80% of your child sponsorship donation (not including ChildFund's Future Fund contribution) is remitted overseas.

(The $5 ChildFund Future Fund helps ensure the consistent delivery of our quality programmes to children, develop additional programmes, and find more child sponsors for children in need.

Your Donations to Child Essentials, Gifts That Grow and Appeals

Total Expenditure from July 2015 to June 2016

Making sure every dollar works for children

ChildFund New Zealand’s international development programmes are funded through the generosity of New Zealanders via several income streams including child sponsorship, regular monthly giving, public appeals, New Zealand Aid Programme grants, donations from individuals, trusts and foundations, and bequests

At any time should amounts raised through donations for a particular project exceed the funds required, the excess funds will be re-directed to the next project of greatest need.

Each year ChildFund New Zealand is audited by well-known and reputable accounting firm, KPMG.  You can view our Annual Report or request a full statement of our financial accounts by contacting us.

ChildFund New Zealand is registered by the New Zealand Government’s Department of Internal Affairs - Charities (formerly Charities Commission) as a charitable entity (CC10081) and all donations are tax deductible. The New Zealand Government uses ChildFund to deliver vital aid projects as part of the country’s international aid programme.

ChildFund New Zealand is a member of the New Zealand Council for International Development (CID) and a signatory to the CID Code of Ethics, ensuring high standards of corporate governance, public accountability and financial management.

ChildFund New Zealand measures the effectiveness of our work through ongoing monitoring, evaluation and reflection with our partners and our communities to ensure that your support makes the biggest impact possible. To ensure projects are progressing as planned, we have an internal project monitoring team, who are in regular contact with staff on the ground.  We receive formal quarterly reports and our New Zealand-based programmes staff visit key projects at least once a year.

ChildFund employs strong fiscal controls that are embedded in its policies and procedures and throughout its payment processes. We also have anti-fraud strategies, including a whistle-blowing policy that allows any individual to report a potential problem.

Your concerns and complaints

Do you have a complaint? ChildFund is always open to receiving complaints about our own organisation, the way we work, or our programmes and partners. We have good policies and processes for handling complaints that will ensure you are not identified, if you do not wish to be. Lodge a complaint by contacting us directly on 0800 808 822 or alternatively lodge a complaint with The Council for International Development by emailing [email protected]

Tax Credit on Your Donations

As ChildFund New Zealand is registered with the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department as a charitable organisation, you can claim a third of your donations to ChildFund New Zealand from the IRD. You need to complete the tax form IR526 for the appropriate year. You can find the forms on the Inland Revenue website.  

So if you donate $100 to us, $100 of your donation goes towards our work. The New Zealand Government will give you the $33.33 refund to you at the end of the financial year. So don’t worry, it isn’t coming out of the work we are doing.

You can also donate your tax refund back to ChildFund New Zealand if you wish, increasing your impact!