Help us give chickens to 656 families in Kenya

Many children in Emali are hungry

Children like Kipish are hungry and malnourished. But there’s a plan to turn things around! Be part of the difference by donating today.

Clean Water for Anu

Children in Sri Lanka are forced to drink dirty, dangerous water. You can give a child the gift of clean water today.

Give Monthly

For as little as $10 per month, you can help children thrive.

Feed a Hungry Child – Give a Chicken

5 year old Rose is hungry. A devastating drought in Kenya is putting young lives in danger. Please give a chicken today to help feed a hungry child.

Be a Change Creator

Join a group of generous individuals to sponsor specific projects within our dedicated areas.

Education to escape poverty

Too weak to carry her school bag, Meena desperately wants to learn.



Children are at the heart of all our work. Where children benefit, the community reaps the rewards, and where a community is strong and self-reliant, its children grow up healthy, resilient and successful.

ChildFund has a holistic approach, working in partnership with community leaders and the parents and families of children. We believe parents and their children are best placed to understand their own needs. By supporting people to find their own solutions to the complex challenges they face, we are able to leave a positive long-term legacy.

Helping a community to be independent and self-reliant isn’t straightforward. Many issues have to be considered, like education, access to land and water, community health, social and cultural structures – and even the environment. A clear, logical plan is needed to help build a self-reliant community. It can take many years to achieve.

That’s why your regular donations are invaluable and make our work together achievable. Without your sponsorship it would be hard to plan for the future and be sure that we can build upon the accomplishments we have achieved so far.  

ChildFund New Zealand works with several core communities in a small number of partner countries so together we can follow their progress and you can see the difference your donations are making.

Our registered charity number is: CC10081