Help a mother and her baby thrive!

Give Monthly

For as little as $10 per month, you can help children thrive.

Feed a Hungry Child – Give a Chicken

5 year old Rose is hungry. A devastating drought in Kenya is putting young lives in danger. Please give a chicken today to help feed a hungry child.

Many children in Emali are hungry

Children like Kipish are hungry and malnourished. But there’s a plan to turn things around! Be part of the difference by donating today.

Clean Water for Anu

Children in Sri Lanka are forced to drink dirty, dangerous water. You can give a child the gift of clean water today.

Be a Change Creator

Join a group of generous individuals to sponsor specific projects within our dedicated areas.

Education to escape poverty

Too weak to carry her school bag, Meena desperately wants to learn.


Children are the reason we exist.

We change children's lives by enabling their families and communities to support them into the future. 

For more than 80 years, ChildFund has been making the world a better place. A lot has changed since 1938, but our focus remains the same: We help children and youth thrive. 

We work in just a few developing countries, providing a deep level of support in the communities that need it most, over several years. Our integrated approach to change gives each community we work in the resources, skills, experience and support they need to make positive change. 

We work closely with our supporters, local partners, families and the community to create better lives for children. We create a well-planned roadmap for change in our dedicated communities, so that everyone knows the plan and helps to make it happen. We work alongside communities, helping local families to achieve independence. Once they have, we stay in touch if they need help. 

Our registered charity number is: CC10081