In the countries where ChildFund works, there are children who don't have access to life's basic essentials. 

Currently, there are children without access to clean water, sanitation facilities, a quality education or proper healthcare. 

They need your help right away. 

As a Child Essentials supporter you don’t sponsor one child, you help to change thousands of children’s lives across the world. Becoming a regular giver means that you will be providing children with lifesaving and life-changing help every single day. Your donation will be put to immediate use for essential needs to support children, their families and wider community.

You will be giving children the chance to go to school, play with their friends, eat nutritious food, drink safe water and see a doctor when they are sick. You will be protecting children from violence, exploitation and harm. Your support will reach the children in greatest need, making sure they get the essentials needed to break free from poverty.

Your support means: 

  • Clean water and proper sanitation so children don't get sick from water-borne diseases.
  • Education so children and youth can dream about a future free from poverty.
  • Healthcare so children don't suffer from deadly diseases like malaria and measles.
  • Nutritious food so children can grow up healthy and are able to concentrate at school.
  • Emergency care so when a disaster strikes, children receive life-saving care.

Become a Child Essentials supporter and become an essential part of our community.

We are committed to keeping you informed about all that your support is doing to help children thrive. That’s why, if you become a Child Essentials supporter, we’ll send you regular updates to show you and your family the remarkable impact of your donations. 


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